when I try to load gwtmstmp.nlm from my groupwise 8 installation
directory I get an error:

language ressource content mismatch error

If I try to load it from my old groupwise 7 Directory it works fine.

Which files is gwtmstmp missing?
Aren?t they installed during the update?

Generell question Concerning gwtmstmp and dbcopy:

Do you use it to make backups of your groupwise system?
How do you use it?

I?m trying to do a backup in a bash shell, but when loading gwtmstmp.nlm
I get an error that it must be loaded in kernel address space.

So question:
How do you do it?
Do you use toolbox and stuffkey to run your script, or how do you do it?

Yes, I know about reload from gwava!
I want to use a script with dbcopy and gwtmstmp until we have
implemented reload.

Maybe someone could prevent me his script?