OK, this probably sounds a little weird, but I'd like to know how users can have the GroupWise Welcome screen show up again. This is the screen we got when we first installed 7 (and it also now shows on 8). Once you click the "Don't show this screen again" checkbox, it seems to go away forever.

I've looked all over in options, and didn't see how to get it to return. After running a utility from Nexic to correct a problem, it's now returned. I suspect that it's a registry setting, since the Nexic utility resets all the registry entries.

You might wonder why I want it to come back - Most of our users were not really interested in learning the "Home" function of GroupWise 7. They never set their clients up to use it, and of course the nice tutorial explaining the features. I'd like to give them instructions on how to get that tutorial page back.

I know it may sound odd, but I think some of our users would be more open to the idea of the home folder now that they're more familiar with the client overall, and especially with the addition of some of the new features. Any suggestions?