I've been trying to update our group policies and run into problems every time I do just about anything. The current error is:

An error occurred while extracting the group policy content. The content has not been processed or the zenloader service is not running.

The ZenLoader service is running and I rebooted the server just in case something had not released. In the policy page, it says the content successfully imported into the system. I was able to unzip the contents of the zip file created from the process of making the GP Policy, but what can I do with it? Does Novell even have an editor to change settings to the directory content of the group policy stuff?

This is the third time I've gotten this far and something always messes up. The first time, ZCC timed out behind the GPEdit.msc. The second time the policies locked when I uploaded it to the server making the computer useless. I wouldn't mind so much playing around with it except we lock these systems down quite a bit with GP and have to change hundreds of items.

Does anyone else have a working solution?