Greetings All,

Just updated from 7.03 to 8 - everything except sending outbound emails works. I've included some text from the log file when GWIA starts up. I'm assuming those first few lines have something to do with it, but I don't know what! Thanks in advance,


20:34:32 11C ******************* Agent Started *******************
20:34:32 11C Startup: No frgnames.cfg file found.
20:34:32 11C Warning - A postmaster must be set for this gateway.
20:34:32 11C Startup: No route.cfg file found.
20:34:33 16B Starting GWPOP-Listener
20:34:34 170 Starting GWIMAP-Listener
20:34:34 11C Begin Configuration Information
20:34:34 11C Platform= NLM
20:34:34 11C Domain and Agent= AS_DOM.GWIA
20:34:34 11C Foreign Name=
20:34:34 11C Description= <none specified>
20:34:34 11C Alias Type= <none specified>
20:34:34 11C Root Directory= AS_GW2/SYS:\GRPWISE\AS_DOM\WPGATE\GWIA
20:34:34 11C Work Directory= AS_GW2/SYS:\GRPWISE\AS_DOM\WPGATE\GWIA\000.prc\
20:34:34 11C Log File= AS_GW2/SYS:\GRPWISE\AS_DOM\WPGATE\GWIA\000.prc\1124gw
20:34:34 11C Directory ID= gwiec40
20:34:34 11C Directory Synchronization= NO