I have a NW65 SP7 server with eDir 8.8 with a GW8 MTA and POA installed and running.

This is a new server with a new install of GroupWise on it.

Then I install WebAccess and the install finishes without errors. The objects in eDir are created and all the NLM's are installed in the SYS:\SYSTEM folder.

After the install the server is restarted and the MTA and POA are started. Then I run STRTWEB.NCF and the only thing I see is the GWINTER starting. In the logger screen it is reporting:

Module GWINTER.NLM Load status OK

Syntax is: GWINTER [@filename] [options]

and the help is then displayed, WebAccess agents aren't started

I checked the STRTWEB.NCF and there you have the default syntax: SYS:\SYSTEM\GWINTER @ WEBAC80A.waa

In system you have the WEBAC80A.waa file and in there the nescessary options are set.

What ever I try (even using options individually after GWINTER) I am un able to start WebAcces.

Does anyone have a hint / clue for me?

Thank you in advance