We need to delete and re-create the NDPS volume because the volume size is 95GB.

Because we need to virtualised our printing box we need to make a volumes size of 10GB.

So we a followed the TID 7001772 option 2 on our test system.

Firstly we took the backup of VOL1\NDPS and renamed the existing NDPS on SYS to NDPS.OLD)

UNLOAD manager and the Broker.

Then we type NDPSM /DBVOLUME = xxx_SYS.xxx.xxxxx.xxxx

And copied the resdir folder onto newly created NDPS SYS volume.

After this we changed the database volume location and the resource mgr database volume path within ConsoleOne

Then LOADED the manager and broker.

All is fine.

Then we deleted the VOL1:\ and re-created with 10GB and repeated the above process to migrate back to VOL1:

We tested the printer by deleting and re-creating and also adding drivers to the broker etc and on workstation printer was working fine before and after the change and didnt fail to print.

Just want to ask ;

If we should be aware of anything else.? and most importantly will this affect iprint client printers installed on the workstations. We are not changing iprint printers onto another server or changing the IP or DNS name. Just deleting the VOL1 and re-creating with smaller size thats all.

Please advise.