Using the iFolder 3.6.7240.1 client, I have one workstation that connects to my two separate iFolder servers without issue. However, same client version, same laptop type (right down to the hardware) when we connect that client to the second iFolder server on the next restart of the system it immediately loses any known connection to the original default server, and immediately begins synching all the folders that had originally connected to the first server to the second server.

The servers are running OES2 Linux (SLES 10). I cannot figure out why this one workstation does this every time. it's like it suddenly hates server 1 and only wants to talk to server 2. If I try to reconnect to server 1 through the accounts dialogue, it says an account alreay exists on the local machine. The only recovery method is to uninstall the client, reinstall it and let server 1 push the files back to the client workstation.

Any help would be appreciated.

Eric Schooley
Cheyenne, WY