Hi folks,

I'm setting up a new GW8 system. All of my domains and POs are going
into VMs in a SLES 10 heartbeat cluster running Xen. My design looks
like this:

VM1 Primary Domain, Empty PO to act as the ngwnameserver, ConsoleOne for
administration of system.
VM2 Internet Domain, webaccess agent, GWIA
VM3 Staff Domain, Staff PO

All of the VMs are SLES 10 SP2. I've set up VM1 and everything is fine.
I'm looking at the documentation about how i should add a secondary
domain, and it is not very clear about how this should work. Chapter 8
of the admin guide goes into lots of detail about things that aren't
important in this case (like running domains on filesystems shared
between NetWare & Windows boxes), and lots of basic information (e.g.
you must mount the filesystem before you can create a domain on it -
duh!) but is crucially lacking on the exact syntax required for this

Since i need to create the domain in NDS first, obviously i need to do
this with ConsoleOne on VM1, since that's where the primary domain
resides. However, i need to store the domain files and run the agents
on VM2. Should i set the path of the agent as it appears on VM2 (e.g.
/srv/groupwise/dom/inet), or using UNC and including the server name
(e.g. \\vm2\srv\groupwise\dom\inet), even though Linux does not use UNC
paths? Does C1 need access to this path while creating the domain
object in NDS? If so, do i have to mount the domain directory on VM1
(via NFS - yuk) even though i have to run it on VM2?

It would be really nice if the documentation had a little more detail on
this issue. For those of us who don't have the whole NetWare & Windows
heritage with GroupWise (i've been doing Unix since 1991, and GroupWise
since 2006 - only on Linux) there is a lot of noise to search through to
find the right information. Resources like "Success with GroupWise for
Linux" were OK, but they're for previous versions, and focused on
ex-NetWare admins. I really do wonder if Novell actually expect to pick
up any new clients with their new preferred platforms...