In a thread in one of the GW7 forums, Massimo and others indicated that
there are BIG changes to the install interface in GW8, and we should test it
out before going through with the production update.

I installed GW8(US) on a VMware server on a NW6.5sp7, on a new tree, and
everything seemed to go OK. Did not install GWIA and had the agents and
WebAccess running in no time.

I then installed the Windows GW8 client on a VMware WinXP session but when I
try to login, I keep getting an error which says that "the views are
incorrect. Please contact your administrator." The client then gives you a
login screen again and then shuts down.

I checked, and the view files from the SDD are present in the PO\of
views\win\ folder. Any ideas on what the problem might be ?
Shivaji Samanta
Wytheville Community College