I am trying to update from Groupwise 7 with Hot Patch 1 to Groupwise 8 on a SUSE 10 OES 2 server but I'm running into problems. While in the "Create or update a Groupwise System" everything seems to go fine until I say I am upgrading a system and therefore need to select my domain folder. After I do that I click on the "Update" button and the browser just disappears and goes back to the main groupwise screen where I can do this all over again. I don't think it is supposed to do this and when I look at the .dc files in the domain they haven't been changed.

I even loaded up the MTA with the show enabled and it never updated, so I don't think my system was updated. Any ideas what would have caused this or how to fix it?

It did change some of my files as my apache server is not working right now either. When loading up "rpache2 start" I get like 4 errors, the last having to do with "gw.conf" not being located. So it seems like it is related.

Thanks for any help or ideas.