My iFolder client is connecting fine, but the iFolders I had on my computer are no longer iFolders.

Other clients are connecting to the iFolder server fine and still download and upload.

The client is running WXP, it's the iFolder 3.6 client from OES2 which is where the server is.

The only bit of weirdness is that my laptop dual boot's OpenSuSE 11 and XP. I use an EXT3 file system under Windows using the file system driver. Last night, my wife borrowed the laptop and accidentally booted it into SuSE when I had hibernated it, this caused a FSCK, however, after shutting it down and restarting it several times the file system is fully accessible, except that iFolder no longer calls my iFolders iFolders.

Any ideas how I can re-establish this connection?