I have a NW6.5 SP7 Server that is running GW 7.0.3 HP1. The array parity
is corrupt and I will need to move the system to a new server. I am
planning on moving to GW8 on OES2. I have thought of several scenarios
and would like some input:

1. Build a new OES2 server. Shutdown the current server, copy the gw
structure to the new server, shut down the old server, move the ip to
the new server and install GW8 for Linux.

2. Build a new OES2 server. Build a new 7.0.3 on that server. Promote to
Primary. Upgrade to 8. Migrate the users accounts. (would I have to
upgrade the old server to GW8 before the migration?

3. Build a new OES2 server. Upgrade the old server to GW8. Copy the DB
to the new OES2 server. Shutdown the old server. Move the IP address.
Install the GW8 agents on the new server.

Currently my NW 6.5 server runs. MTA, POA, GWIA, WebAccess Agent and has
several libraries.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.