Ok, had my system upgraded the day I got the software downloaded, but just tried to install the Cal publisher yesterday.

It all installed fine, I can see the modules loading on the logger screen, see the POA say there is something there.

I can go to the web page and see the blank page.

However, even though I have set up the publisher server, told the PO there is a publish server, and it is allowed, setup all the other stuff in the POA for it. When I try to publish a calendar, nothing is on the site.

If I click the button, send this to someone, then I get the three links. The webcal link acts like it would work, but I didn't import it yet, as I need to make another client to do so.

However, the preview and subscribe links do not work. I get a 404 for the subscribe, and the preview is just a blank page.

I checked the .cfg file, all seems to be fine, I even tested non-ssl just in case it was a key issue. Even changed LDAP servers, user context for admin (can't login to admin portal either). Below is the error in the logs I get when I try to look at the published ap via the link.

10:13:45, <MERGE>, -, INFO, -, Exception encountered while generating HTML: For input string: ""

Any ideas?

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, wasn't sure which one to put in it.