I upgraded my test GroupWise system from 7 to 8. Because this is a test
system, all agents are running on the same box. I am running NetWare
6.5 SP 7 on the box.

I copied the DC files, installed the new agents. I started the Primary
Domain, the database converted to 8 with no problems. I then started
one of the post offices attached to that domain and it would not upgrade
the database. The agent was reading 8.0.0 but the database according to
ConsoleOne was still 7. The admin request appeared to be stuck in the
queue directories. I did all of me normal troubleshooting for this type
of thing and still no joy. I finally changed the link configuration to
use UNC instead of TCP/IP and everything transfered and the databases
updated with no problems.

Now, when I load the MTA and the POA's and configure the links to be
TCP/IP, the Domain will not open the Post Offices. As soon as I put it
back to UNC, everything works fine.

I can connect to the Post Offices and log in using IP (Client/Server
only) with no problem. WebAccess is working also.

Any ideas one where to look? I am sure I am missing something really
small and I just can't see it because I have been looking at it for 2
day's now.