Sad to say, honestly,, Im not here as pro the "other-ones"...
We as a company sell and support Novell,,,,

But,, this new GW8 which IS needed/wanted from IT is not really a
product we see fit to roll-out to any customer...

We have updated to GW8 from GW7.03Hp inhouse.
So far we do have a LOT of different bugs. Some confirmed by others in
these forums, some more difficult to pinpoint.

1. GW8 do crash easily. Though I feel that its less frequent if I
revert to GW as editor instead of MSword.

2. As simple thing as the spell-checker simply refuses to work.
ANYTHING written in Swedish is consired "wrong".
Though that my be one way to look at it from a personal view, its not
a working solution for a mailclient.

Im running GW with Swedish as choosen language,
even so, every new mail created has US/UK as choosen language for
spell check. Changing that in the mail while creating the mail doesnt
do anything. Everything is underlined anyway so seeing any actually
errors is impossible.

3. Frequently, the positioning of the different windows/panels in GW
is messed up while starting the client, though NOT everytime.
( quick viewer takes approx 90% of the whole GW layout )

4. Multi-user calendar reset, though not completly.
Out of 6 users in my multi-user view, 2 were remaining, the others had
to be re-added.

Dont get me wrong,, I really want GW to succed, Id hate to see
exchange taking over at our customers...,, But If we were to roll-out
GW in its current state, I guess that it would be the final nail in
the coffin.....,,


One could off course discuss the "why" is it happening here when so
many other installations work ?

Dont know, and If I were a customer,, I would not care either,
6.5, 7.03 etc,, did work, both here and at the customers sites,
this one doesnt....yet ??