I have my server ( ZCM 10.1.1 ) on LAN 10.2.xxx.xxx.
I have Laptop machines on a nother LAN 10.7.xxx.xxx witch also has its own Firewall, so all traffic from these machines, comes from the firewalls IP

The test object on 10.7.xxx.xxx has no rules in the Firewall ( for testing purpose ) so it had no problems registrating in the ZCM ZONE

The problem ...
When i´m trying to remote this machine from my machine ( 10.2.xxx.xxx LAN ) it cant :-(
Probely beacause its behind a Firewall, and is NAT

Something like this is the traffic :-)
My Machine ----> Router ---> Firewall -----> Firewall for WIFI ----->

Should it be possible to take a remote on my 10.7 machine with this design with zcm10.

Lets say this....
I install ZCM10 agent on a machine on the internet, Is that Remoteable ? same scenario....

// Patrik