Nw6.5 SP7, iPrint client 4.38. WinXP Sp3 NWclient 4.91 SP5.
When trying to install a printer using iPrint on a work station with iPrint client 4.38 already installed the server gives the message that the client is not installed. It forces you to reinstall the client on the workstation. However once the client has been installed again from the iprint window and down graded the client version to the same version as on the server (4.26) when you reboot and you go to install the printer it asks you to install the client again and will not allow you to install the printer. Although the client version on the workstation is now 4.26.

If the client version on the pc is higer than on the server, shouldn't the server leave it alone? Or doesn iprint.ini need altering in some way?