I posted these two questions pertaining to the starterpack in an older thread, but I decided to re-post them as a new thread since I really would like answers to these questions if possible:

1) does a customer who starts with the free 5 users and then purchases
one or more real 5-user SBE 2 licenses get to keep the free 5 or lose
them? With the old sbs starter pack you effectively lost them (there
was an unlocking sku that converted the 5-user starter sbs license to a
10-user regular sbs license, but it was the same price as buying 10
users outright).

2) does a starter pack license include product updates? when regular
SBE-2 customers get GW8, will existing starter pack customers get it
too? if they do get updates, is it just for 1 year after which they
have to buy maintenance, or does it continue for as long as Novell
offers the starter pack?