My actual LAN is a tree with 3 servers all of them NW 6.5 SBS:
1.NW 6.5 sp1 - Border Manager (Firewall)
2.NW 6.5 sp1 - GW, DNS-DHCP, iFolder, iPrint
3.NW 6.5 sp6 - WEB site with PHP and MySQL

Following are the questions:
1.The first new server (NOWS SBE 2), I want to install, will replace the
above WEB server (the third server) and will contain only the
components: PHP, MySQL, Amanda, OpenOffice, Anti-Virus (CalmAV).
After the new WEB server will pass the test, I will remove the old WEB
server from the eDir.
Later, I intend to replace the other 2 NW 6.5. servers with NOWS SBE 2

a) Shall I take any precautions?
b) Any suggestions?

2.I read the Novell Open Workgroup Suite Small Business Edition 2.0 -
Installation AND Administration Guide (May 2, 2008). the questions are:

a) On page 25 (Directory services) what is the difference between
Section 3.3 -Installing eDirectory Advanced existing tree and
Section 3.4 remote tree?
b) On page 27 (3.3 Installing eDirectory Advanced):
i) Paragraph 4 in my existing tree I have 2 more servers who's IP
address shall I specify, the one with the Master or Subordinate
ii) Paragraph 6 what is a SBS Admin? What is the difference
between an usual Admin and SBS Admin?
iii) Paragraph 7 - What is DIB? What Data Base is it? Will it be
stored in one of the new server volume? I wish that one of the
new server's volume have the MySQL DB. Can the DIB be
connected in any way to MySQL?
iv) Paragraph 8 Admin FDN, what is it? Can it be the tree Admin?