I'm pretty sure this is correct but I want to make certain:

I want to primarily run GW 7 while also testing GW8 on our live system.

So I can:

1) I have a secondary domain which contains nothing but a single GWIA which
is used exclusively for internal inbound email (Netware 6.5). No pop3, no
imap, no webaccess. I can promote this domain to primary and then upgrade
that domain/mta/gwia to GW8 (after properly allowing for the primary domain
change with the entire system).

2) The rest of my domains/mta's/po's/poa's/gwia's/webaccess can then all
stay at GW7 with no change or problems or issues (including GWMobile).

3) Setup a brand new Linux machine. Install a new domain on it. Install a
new PO on it. Move my GW account to that PO and run GW8 for my account (and
subsequently a few other accounts).

4) When I'm done testing, I can move my account back to the old PO -- AFTER
it's upgraded to GW8.

Ted Kumsher