Hello all,

We are currently investigating an implementation of Groupwise.
Currently we are running a postfix system so no shared calendars, address books, …
So there is a real need to migrate to a decent groupware system.
And since we are running Novell as core of our school, Groupwise is the most obviously candidate.

We have however two questions:
- Is GW8 ready for production?
When GW7 came out the where a lot of troubles and it was really better to wait for SP1 to migrate to it.
I know it’s a bit “looking into the future” but will we run into troubles when implementing 8 instead of 7sp3?
Are there users here that run GW8 in production? Any troubles you’ve had? Issues? …
Fact to know is: we will migrate during the summer of 2009, probably august or September.
- What is a good backup/archiving solution for GW7/8?
We currently have a commvault backup solution.
But I’ve heard from some admins, that the commvault agent for groupwise is not good.
It uses to much space, takes to long, restore is a pain in the ***, …
Any of you have some advice/suggestions about packages we can use to backup/archive our future system?

Thnx a lot in advance and best wishes for next year!