On the way to work this morning I got hit by a jerk who ran a red light. It was just a minor clip to my right-front quarter panel and bumper. Just enough to **** me off, waste my time and cost me money.
We both stopped after it happened, I got his plate and car description, he told me in broken Spanish-English that he didn't have a license or insurance, then the dirtbag took off down the westbound Beltline (6-lane highway). I pursued him all the way down 2 exits where he turned north, then down a frontage road, onto the next street and lost him at the next light. The 911 operator told me to break off pursuit at that time, too.
I must've scared the **** out of him though because he was really cruising down the frontage road! I just hope that the city's finest Men (and women) In Blue finds the SOB so he can pay my $500 deductible!
If he's also here illegally, I hope they deport the SOB!!

Merry Christmas to me. Harrumph. I'm glad I'm leaving work early to be with my family.