Hi there,

I'm not sure this is the correct forum, but couldn't think of a better
place. I'm still in testing phase of groupwise 8 and am trying to make
sure outlook customers can import free busy information from my account
managers. I followed Microsoft's knowledge base article
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/291621 on how to set free busy search
for a specific contact, and then tried to plan a meeting. When I try to
add the user with the free busy information I receive a error that free
busy information can not be found for the specific user.

Because groupwise uses a different extension for Internet free busy
information I tried to change the extension:
http://<servername>/gwcal/freebusy/sjoerd.gwpo.gwdomain (official url) to

When I type in the exact url as stated above I get to download the file
(which of course still has the ifb extension) so that works. However,
Outlook still doesn't want to plan a meeting. I don't think I'm going
the right way, so I decided to ask for help. Does anyone know how to do
this? Would be a real pity when outlook users could't use the free busy