The t-shirt given
out to the members of the original NDS development/testing team The first
"NetWire" shirt made. Forum SysOps pitched in the money to have these
made and bought their own. Quite a rare badge
holder. Could become a collectors item.

I'm working together with Peter over at Salford Sofware, to continue to
gather material for the Novell Museum. To that end, I've started a
Museum wiki page where it's very simple to upload your own pictures of
Novell memorabelia here:

It's not linked from anywhere yet and I'm still in the process of
uploading all my stuff to it, but I wanted to get you
folks here in the chat forum to help me get more stuff uploaded if you
have the inclination/desire. TIA.

Kim (12/31/2008 8:42:22 AM Mountain)