Okay, I know, I know. I've been gone forever. LLL was taken for username? Lame....

For those that wonder, yes, real me. I need to surf threads (tomorrow), but will throw out Xusan, BALJ, H, AB, etc., to confirm my true identity & worthiness.

Now, reason for post... Other than I should have a long time ago! Friend (H might remember meeting Drummer Mikey) got divorced, and his ex-wife went to England to meet someone she met online (in a computer game). Yeah, yeah, in my case, it was safe, y'all are a harmless bunch.

But, supposedly this guy basically took her laptop, locked her in the apartment, etc., and is a real psycho. She called Mike saying basically all of this yesterday. Tonight, the story is that he & she got into a huge argument, some other guy stepped in, he stabbed the other guy, and is now in custody, and cops are helping find her a hotel.

Now, knowing her, I believe this is a line of BS, and she just wants money out of Mike. I'm wondering if anyone around Westcliff by the Sea has heard anything? Seems lame, but hey, I know people worldwide (and met some in the UK, Hi, Pete & Shaun) that might read here.

BTW, now that I found forums again, I will post, but no more 1k a month, okay?

The Original LLL

I like long poetry, long walks on the beach, and poking dead things with a stick.