Before I can upgrade my world here to SLES OES2, I need to perform some testing to see what will break when we make that leap of faith.

So, in a test environment here I need to build a server with all of the bits and pieces that my current real world servers have.

Currently, my servers are all traditional NetWare 6.5 sp7, and have been traditional NetWare systems since the version 5 days. Way back then, NDPS printing was the only game in town, and I have upgraded the network here to iPrint. But to perform the testing in the lab, I need to create a server at the SP7 level, with all of the patches and products installed that my regular servers have.

Using the sp7 set of CDs I seem to remember that installing NDPS was not an option, you were taken directly to iPrint. I also seem to remember finding a TID somewhere where NDPS printing could be installed after the fact using an old version of the OS against a more current release of the CDs. Again, I seem to remember that I'd need to get back to a version 5.0 release for NDPS installation. Alas, I can't find that TID right now.

I've dug through my stash and found some NetWare 6.0 sp3 overlay CDs. Starting there I could apply service packs until the cows came home, as long as NDPS was an installed product.

Now, here's the question . . . what's the best way to get a NetWare 65 sp7 File Server with NDPS printing installed? Should I blow a call to tech support and, using a DIB set, have a new server created? Doing that, I know that that server should never ever see the real production eDirectory tree.