Good morning,
This is going to be a dumb question but I haven't found the answer in the docs so here we go.
I'm rolling out Group Policies on ZCM 10 sp1 for a bunch of Win XP sp3 machines. I can create the policies using an XP sp3 machine which then uploads the policy to the server. This works ok but the problem comes when I try to modify the policy or create another one from the same machine.
On the XP machine in the ZCM interface I get a message that "Another instance of the Group Policy tool is executing. Close the tool and configure the settings again."

I don't see an option to close the tool and rebooting the machine doesn't help. Right now my only option is to use a different machine, make another policy and hope for the best. Still can't modify existing policies though. Anybody know how to "close the tool"?