Hi All,

We are having a strange issue when doing a reply with Groupwise 8 (windows client), the reply mail is a posted message.
There is no SEND button.. only Post and also no address input field.
It's seens the wrong view is being applied to the reply to command.

This happens when replying to internal mail as well as mail from internet.

When right clicking the message and selecting reply, two options of three are presented: reply to sender, reply privately. The default reply to sender results in a post type message... reply privately brings up the normal reply to group.

Note that using 'Reply to all' brings up the normal 'group' type message with the SEND button and address input fields.

This is on a fresh Groupwise 8.0 install as well as one upgraded from 7.0.

Anyone else seeing this and/or know a solution?

Thanks in advance!