Hello, upgrading from GW7SP3HP1 to GW8 end of this week. I've run through
the Caledonia guide and am mostly good to go, but one thing I'm not clear on
from the various instructions and screenshots, is when you're doing the
installation, does the install routine (for either the admin or agents)
check your tree to see if the schema needs to be updated automatically like
it did in GW7 and previous install routines?

If not then worse case what I'll do is:
- Run the install wizard to update the snap-ins and install the agents
- Go into C1 and update the schema manually from there
- Continue the upgrade process which next involves loading the primary

Presume the schema only needs to be updated prior to the first agents being
loaded and updating their databases?

Guess I'll find out on my own if the schema update is automatic when I do
the first step in my above plan, but just in case I'm seeing this totally
wrong thought I'd seek some feedback first.