We wanted to install groupwise 8 into a test domain to play around with it before deciding to upgrade to it.

I have one SLES 10 server with eDir on it. During the GW8 install it asks me to start consoleone and use the wizard to create a new groupwise 8 system.

So I go through the motions, select the software distribution path, the path for the domain and po and then the link to the MTA and POA.

After I hit next to create the new groupwise system i get this error:

"Failed trying to open the domain /opt/novell/groupwise/software/domain/"

doesn't matter what path i select for the domain.

Anyway, it's like it wants a .db file to already exist instead of creating a new one.

I really cant tell what I'm doing wrong because I installed the beta a while back into a test domain and everything worked fine.