*EVERY* time any of my users starts Webaccess 8 it asks them if they want to "recover a previously auto-saved message?" (delete, open, skip, cancel).

Problem was, that message sent successfully, and they logged out normally and all was good and clean. There shouldn't be a message to recover. I found the same results when I tested this.

This happens on both of our cluster nodes where Webaccess was installed to SYS: I did a full undelete, cleanup etc and re-install of Webaccess 8 and no change.

This doesn't happen at a friend's installation so I feel jinxed or something.

Any ideas what's going on?? My users were not happy with the interruption every time they started webaccess, so for the time being, I turned off Autosave completely in webacc.cfg :(

Maybe my friend had some better code? Any other explanations?

Thanks all,