Just finished a GW8 upgrade and everything seems OK, but I have no inbound mail.

Primary domain on SLES10 SP2 OES2 SP1 server with two POs and gwia. Secondary domain on SLES10 SP2 webserver with webaccess. Had a little problem with the database, but everything now shows GW8. Clients are on GW8 and are working fine.

All internal email works. I can send from one PO to the other. All outbound mail works.

All inbound mail hits the gwia, says "processing inbound message", then "Queuing to the MTA" but it never gets delivered to the mailbox.

The MTA shows both domains open, both POs open, and one Gateway open. I have checked the link config about a dozen times and I cannot see anything wrong. I have looked through all the error logs and cannot find any problems.

Can someone tell me where to look next? I AM DESPERATE!