Hello, upgraded to GW8 (running on NW65SP8) on Friday night, using the
Caledonia guide. In the guide (p.31) as well as at
there is mention about adding a soapport switch to the MTA startup file if
you have more than one MTA on the same NetWare (or Linux) server so that
there won't be a port conflict between the 2 MTA's. As part of my upgrade I
tried doing this but faced problems so I ended up removing the switch and
everything (AFAICT) is running OK? Specifically issues were:

- After loading the primary domain (didn't put a soapport which means that
it will use the 7161 default), there was no 7161 port showing in TCPCON

- I put the /soapport in the secondary domain and loaded the MTA, but I
initially got on the console screen:
DIS: Error initializing SOAP: [8558]
DIS: SOAP is not enabled

- 7162 showed in TCPCON until the error appeared, then went away. I
unloaded both MTA's and put the 7161 port in the primary domain file too,
and reloaded. The same thing happened on the secondary.

- Both the MTA switch and the error code do not show up in the documentation
or in searches on Novell's site, nor does the /soapport switch show in the
newly created MTA startup file (I had it recreate the startup file then did
a compare - so that I could see any new startup switches).

- Removed the /soapport switch for both domains, no errors, and TCPCON
doesn't show either 7161 or 7162.???

I was talking with Novell tech services on another GW8 issue (GWDCA which I
posted in the agents forum), and he knows nothing about a soapport in the
MTA, only the POA. He's checking with others and will revert if anything

Am I missing something?