Last March I found my best friend from high school on the internet
after losing contact for about 15 years.

During October I spoke with him a number of times and had said I would
try and get up to see him in November while I was there. It didn't work
out. The car and weather situation weren't right.

Anyway, I looked up his site yesterday to call him to tell him what had
happened. It was down. I found a number that could have been his on
another site. I called only to find someone else on the line. This
individual was the curator of a gallery which sells works of my friend.
When I asked if he had a contact number I was informed that my friend
had died of "a sudden illness" the week before I was in the U.S. (

I've had four friends die of this "sudden illness." This really bites.

He has/d a little girl, she is seven I think.

Its amazing how life can leave you feeling so impedent all of a sudden.