Not looking for Novell support, just some possible server names.

Have our Novell boxes named kind of like this:

CCGS1 - time & master replica server
CCGS2 - firewall
CCGS3 - Groupwise gwia, web server, webaccess, etc
CRTS1 - cluster node
CRTS2 - cluster node
CRTS3 - backups

Wanting to move CCGS1 to a VM, thinking I'm going to create a VM, run
both concurrently & slowly chg all other servers, etc's time source
from CCGS1 to new VM.

Question is, what do I name the VM to keep in line w/ current naming

Don't want to go something like CCGS4, as eventually CCGS1 will go away.

Or would it be easier to rename CCGS1 to something & create the VM as