I just want to run by here the thought of a migration I am looking at from
Netware to OES2SP1 cluster. Currently running GW8 on a NW 6.5 SP8
standalone server with POA, MTA, GWIA and Weabcc.

My thought are to shutdown the existing GW system and than remove the gwia
and the webacc. Backup the domain and po directories and than restore to
the cluster resourse on the linux cluster. Than do this as an upgrade for
the reinstall. The gotcha here is no existing grpwise existing install.
Would I just restore that as well and than it would be the install source
for it to find for the upgrade? Next I will create an additional domain for
the gwia and set it up as an additional cluster resource.

The big issue seems to be how do you do clustering for the webacc since it
is dependent on both apache2 and tomcat5. Teaming is running in the cluster
as well.

I hope I covered it all in this.