Sorry for the cross-post, but I posted this in migrations and got no response.

We are getting ready to migrate our NetWare GroupWise 8 to Linux GroupWise 8. I've run across some concerns about migrating the Libraries. When doing some searches for migrations, I've run across some information that would seem to indicate that we cannot migrate libraries that have external storage. I hope this is not the case.

Our two libraries both have the data stored outside of the post office, but it is on the same server. We did this to make it easier to move in the future if we needed to.

I'm hoping that I'm able to use dbcopy to copy all of the data over to the Linux box (which will also have the PO and the library on the same server, but the library will not be within the PO). After copying, I will run a script that will ensure all upper case file names and directories are lower case, and then run the gwcheck utility to ensure that the system is set for lower case.

Hopefully, I can then bring up the PO (with the 2 libraries) on the Linux system.

Will this work?