Hoping someone has seen this before or has an idea of what to try. I can't seem to get webaccess to install. it goes through all the steps, and everything seems fine until you click the very last "next" and nothing happens. i let it sit for over an hour. tried it on 2 different machines, as different admin users and same result. Installing to NW6.5SP7 server. The rest of the system installed without issues. Have MTA, POA, GWIA all up and running, but no luck with this webaccess. Never seen this before. When i finally do the 3 finger salute, and end task, the window disappears immediately (not the typical 5 to 10 sec delay and then the second "end task" window) and then another window pops up that says:

Setup failed to run installation:
The remote procedure called failed

and you just click ok, and goes away. Doesn't look like any eDirectory objects were created..

any ideas???

thanks in advance..