I apologize for the cross posting again. I just don't seem to get answers in the GroupWise Migration forum.

I tried our migration from NetWare to Linux again, and ran into some real grief trying to recreate the GWIA. After I got the object created, when I would try to open ConsoleOne, it would give me an error that it could not locate the file named in the UNC. Through a long night of poking, I found that I needed to set the Linux mount folder. Default is /mnt, and everything I can see in the docs look for that too. However, after doing that, clicking on the GWIA still gave me an error. The GroupWise server is gw1. The files are on an NSS volume - /media/nss/MAIL/ (MAIL is the NSS volume). I had put the files in groupwise. So, my UNC for the domain was /gw1/MAIL/groupwise/bol_dom

However, because of the mount setting, ConsoleOne on the Linux box is looking for

I'm sure there's something I'm missing on the mount command in linux, but my /mnt directory is empty. Everything I've seen talks about mounting a volume from another server, but this one is an NSS volume on the same server.

How do I make this properly show in the /mnt directory?
How do I make that mount command "stick"?