"First, Microsoft had its biggest layoffs in the company's history. Yes,
Microsoft still makes billions, but, for the first time ever, Microsoft
is staggering.

It's actually worse than it first appears. The headlines talk about
5.000 jobs lost. They don't point out that Microsoft is also cutting up
to up to 15% of its temporary and contract workers. Over the last few
years, those are the people who actually do a lot of Microsoft's
day-in/day-out work. People who insist that everything is the same as
ever with Microsoft have been missing that Microsoft has actually done
worse than the general economy. Microsoft stock is worth about half of
what it was last year at this time."

"Novell, on the other hand, while still struggling with getting out of
the service business and back into being a pure operating system and
software play, continues to make more and more money from Linux. This, I
might add, is happening despite the fact that Novell doesn't have a good
reputation with many Linux users."


It's from a blog, so take it FWIW.

Does this washcloth smell like chloroform?