Ok, I will be the first to admit that I am *not* an expert with Certificate
objects, Certificate Authority objects, LDAP, SAS Services, SSL... pretty
much the whole ball of wax. I installed 6.5 a long time ago and it has
worked well from the beginning, I'll go kiss a horseshoe for that later.
However, now I'm running into a problem.

Occasionally, I have had to use PKIDIAG to [I believe] renew an expired
certificate, when our printers stopped responding [three buildings, one
"local" server to handle print jobs and store static files to reduce WAN
traffic] and I was unable to access the Apache webserver instance on the
server. Again, so far using PKIDIAG to fix the certificates has worked for
me. Something went awry today, and when trying to fix things, I
got -1211, -1418 and -603 errors in PKIDIAG. I have tried to wrap my head
around all the things the error codes were pointing to and recommending, but
I'm afraid I've probably messed things up more.

At this stage, what I would like to do is try and remove *everything*
related to these components and start over. Our systems are primarily file
repositories, with one servicing our internal website, and as mentioned
above, servicing the printers [NDPS Manager, and Broker] at our locations.
Pretty much a traditional "old school" kind of environment. If it weren't
for the webservices aspect, I daresay I wouldn't be in this pickle now. So,
is there a good, clear "how-to" around anywhere that covers all the bases
and would be able to guide a confused soul like myself back to a working

You guys have been an excellent source of information to me in the past, I'm
crossing my fingers that I can score some helpful tips one more time :)