Hi all,

We currently have GroupWise 6.5 running on NetWare 6.5. All for the components, including the WebAccess Agent, are on a single server.

We are developing a plan to upgrade to GroupWise 8, but I don't see the value in continuing to use NetWare as the underlying OS, since it will be discontinued. Therefore, we need to choose between OES2, vanilla Linux, and Windows Server.

I've spent some time reading threads on this forum, and gleaned a lot of useful implementation information. However, no one has said anything that leads me to believe that one OS is better than the others.

I'm wondering if anyone has any opinions as to which OS runs GroupWise best, and which would allow us to have the components on a minimum number of servers. One scenario that we are exploring is to have almost all users using WebAccess, and one post said that heavily-used WebAccess was better going on Linux - do others concur? This is an example of the sort of advice I'm looking for.

Thanks very much in advance,
- Steve