My NetWare 6.5 server was setup back in 12/2005 but I haven't kept up with
all the SP's and patches over the years. The only problem(s) I have had
since day one was the "Server logical address space running low". After
doing some tuning at the time (-u setting and other) , all I had to do was
to restart the server every 3-4 months...
Nothing has changed with the server except that now I get the warning (+
yellow status in health monitor) after less than a month. The only
difference is that I started to use a bigger chunk of a volume that I didn't
use before (4-5GB).

- Would this alone explains that I am running out of logical address space

- I know that I should install the latest service pack (I think SP8), but
it's been such a while... Where do I start? I am currently running SP4a
along with Zenworks (client version) and Arcserve 11.1.

What is the safest route?

Thank you.