Has anyone looked into any alternatives to Citrix? I see there's this
Ericom WebConnect that I plan on looking at. Has anyone used this
software or any other Citrix alternative? What do people think the
viability is of using Windows 2003 R2 with just plain Terminal Services
for production use? We're talking a single server implementation here,
so no real "farm" per se. One thing I like about Citrix, though, is the
Citrix Secure Gateway which is essentially a reverse proxy. I'm not sure
if M$ has anything like that for just plain terminal services. This
allows the users to connect from the outside to a server in the DMZ and
that server in turn contacts Citrix rather than me opening Citrix up
directly to the outside.

Just curious what kind of thoughts people may have other than "fdisk" or
"use Linux." :-)

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