I am not sure when this started happening. We are running VO, netstorage, and Imanager on the same server. It was brought to my attention that our useres are no longer able to access Netstorage via the link in VO. It just prompts them with a Please Enter Username and Password for Files window with a check box that says remember password in secret store. Entering in the users name and password do not work. The FQDN username does not work either. I have searched the forums and I see this is a problem several people have run into, but there are no solutions. Just the generic auto reply from the admin. I should mention we are running this on a Netware OES 6.5 SP6, Edir 8.7.3 OS. I have also tried Launch to this server's NetStorage Home Page and Launch to a remote server's NetStorage Home Page under the netstorage options. Still no luck. We get the same results in IE and Firefox. Thanks for any help..