One of the many roles my NW server plays is the resident DHCP provider. In it, I configured two DNS servers for the office workstations, and, both of which are large Verizon-owned nameservers.

Recently, Verizon's adopted this rather inane policy of re-routing NXDOMAIN to a search portal page, on I can't see them (due to blocking them), but undoubtedly, there's advertising of some kind on the site, and being powered by Yahoo, I see this more as a money-making scheme by Verizon. VeriSign already tried this stunt with the top-level .com domain a year or two ago and got slapped down pretty handily.

Anyways, Verizon does have three DNS servers that return a proper NXDOMAIN response, and I've since plugged these into my DHCP settings, but I was wondering if there was an easy way to sort of force these new settings down to the workstations. I figure invalidating all the existing DHCP Leases is one way, but short of deleting the objects in eDirectory, I figured I'd see if there was an actual command or something.

I've also changed (I think) the NW Server's own DNS server list, at least in SYS:\ETC\RESOLV.CFG. There any other spots I should look in as well?

More info on this search portal here: