I have read all the posts, and I know it is the slowest OS to pick from, but I have lost the arguments with management and will be installing GW8 on a windows box.

I currently run a netware 6 box with Gw6.5, One domain, One postoffice, gwia and webaccess on same box. I want to create a windows server, install Edir on it. I have a small system - 400 mailboxes, about 260gb of data.

My plan is to create a secondary GW 6.5 domain on the windows box. Create a new postoffice on the windows box and begin moving users from the novell postoffice to the windows postoffice.

Once that is done, I want to remove the old novell post office. Promote the Windows GW domain to primary and then remove the domain on the novell server.

I want to then migrate/reinstall Gwia and Web Access on the Windows Box. Test and make sure all is well. I will be on a new hardware platform, new OS same GW 6.5 version.

Then I want to upgrade that windows box to GW 8.

Go ahead and way in, the only thing not negotiable is the windows platform.


P.S. Should I run antivirus on the windows box itself? I have an email filtering software inline with the Groupwise system(Tumbleweed)