I just wanna say I am still alive. The past 2 years for me have been
heck and well it's all over, for the better obviously. Some close people
know what went on but now I will let everyone know. Basically Michelle
had filed false charges against me and just last week they have been
dropped. However, these charges are still on my background check and
it's been hard to keep or get a job. Due to this I have lost my job that
I was working and been unemployed since. It's been since October. From
July to Christmas I haven't seen Wyatt but for Christmas I seen him, but
haven't seen him since. Natasha is well being a Meany head (other words
come to mind but...I can't say them here).

Jess decided that all this carp was too much and well ran away with my
"friend". Whatever... But now I have met this amazing lady Sharon, and
we are happy and taking it SLOW.

In the mean time I am searching for employment and it has been
absolutely non-existent. I am ideally wanting to do some sort of
telecommute but open to ANYTHING ANYWHERE right now..

I see that everything will be getting back in order soon.

I will be here more often too...

Who missed me? I know OCHGOT did

Jay to the Zie.