What with the budget woes going on I figured I'd check up on what the
procedures for layoff were for us FLSA-exempt salaried professionals. You
know, so I'd know what to expect once we know the size of the deficit
we'll be working with.

Much to my surprise, they have to give me either 150 days notice, or 150
days of salary. I don't get, "Surprise! You're fired!". Nice! Naturally
I'd prefer to malinger around the office for 5 months, getting my nice,
employer 401k match, subsidized health care costs, and the other
insurances. Plus a legitimate excuse to job-hunt on the job, and hit up
co-workers for references.

Still, I think the check is much more likely. It's a lot cheaper for them,
as 401K match and health premium are costs I'm not directly compensated

Is a layoff likely? Well, if my UNIT gets passed a layoff, I'm in the top
two. However, as this unit contains all of the Grand High Sysadmins of
Indispensibility, the chances of getting passed a layoff are small. But
still, I worry.

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