I need a little help with permissions interacting between Novell NFS
on a Netware 6.0 server and a Windows server using Terminal services.

The plan:

We have installed Windows Native file support on our Netware Server so
that users of our terminal services server can access a folder with
out having to log into Novell. NFS is setup with domain

The Results:

When anybody with Administrator rights logs in to terminal services
the drive maps fine and we can access the files. If the account just
has the normal domain users' permissions then it will fail to map the
drive and will not allow the user access to the files. It won't even
let us login as some one else. Running an NMASLog it shows Error:
-1642 Login Method and Error: -1642 NMAS Manager. Assigning
Administrator Rights in Active Directory will allow the drive to be
mapped normally.

Any suggestions on what specific permission I may have to give Domain
users as I don't want to give everybody Admin rights. Or am I doing
this entirely wrong?